Our objective is to generate attractive returns for the Shareholders by selecting a high-quality De-SPAC Target, negotiating favourable acquisition terms at an attractive valuation, and creating the foundation to improve the operating and financial performance of the Successor Company following the completion of the De-SPAC Transaction. We intend to leverage our ability to:
Utilise the distinctive sourcing capabilities of the CMB and CMBI platforms to source potential De-SPAC Targets in new economy sectors in Asia with a focus on China, identify businesses that benefit from distinctive technology barriers, and facilitate the growth of the Successor Company’s business footprint across addressable Asian markets;
Bring differentiated and tailored transaction structuring options to ensure a successful De-SPAC Transaction by leveraging the CMB and CMBI platforms’ ability to provide a wide array of financing, structuring and asset management services, and other high value-add solutions;
Empower the Successor Company with the CMB and CMBI platforms’ full suite of financial services and extensive network following the De-SPAC Transaction, to facilitate a seamless transition to public ownership and keep the Successor Company primed for long-term growth. We intend to draw upon the CMB and CMBI platforms to provide the Successor Company with comprehensive financing, corporate advisory and capital markets solutions tailored to its financial and strategic objectives. Additionally, we intend to utilise CMB and CMBI’s extensive corporate and institutional relationships to connect the Successor Company with potential management team members, customers and suppliers, among others, and propel its business strategy.
We believe that there will be attractive growth opportunities in a wide range of new economy sectors. We intend to target businesses with a technology-driven competitive edge as opposed to those with growth strategies that are driven purely by their business models. We intend to primarily focus on China, where we believe new economy sectors are growing at a faster rate as compared to the other regions and where we believe such sectors still have ample room to expand further. Specifically, we believe that new economy sectors which contain a large number of privately-held and sponsor-owned medium-sized businesses could benefit from our expertise in accelerating revenue growth, expanding margins, and optimizing capital allocation processes. Additionally, we believe that several larger companies in the new economy sectors are in the process of reviewing their existing portfolio and evaluating candidates for potential divestitures, which may serve as attractive targets for a potential De-SPAC Transaction.